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The Deep Space Network is NASA's group of large antennae at three sites around world. These communicate with satellites and probes in space. The antennae also listen to stars and other events in space.

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In Deep Space, Gaia brings together the best minds in their fields to shed new light on an extremely controversial subject which can no longer remain hidden or denied. It is up to you to evaluate the evidence and decide where you stand on the question of humanity’s presence in the far reaches of the universe. Radiotelescopes also can be used on Earth or in space. An example of a radiotelescope on Earth is the Very Large Array of 27 antennas sprawling across New Mexico. Radio signals received from deep space received by the VLA are combined electronically to create a virtual antenna 22 miles across. Infrared telescopes are affected by Earth's atmosphere. They have to be at high altitudes, above water vapor in the atmosphere, or else out in space.

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Formed in the summer of 2010, The Deep Space Network has accomplished much in their first three years. They have had the pleasure of playing with national acts Shane & Shane, Bethany Dillon, Fireflight, and The Afters and Tenth Avenue North. They have als Mar 27, 2006 · For all U.S. interplanetary probes, the antennas of the Deep Space Network (DSN) act as the measurement system. These antennas transmit radio signals to a probe, which receives these signals and ...

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Data shown is from the Digitized Sky Survey (DSS) and the Sloan Digital Sky Survey: Data Release 13 (SDSS DR13). Hubble data are released publicly within a year. The Deep Space Network Vision and Voyages for Planetary Science in the Decade 2013-2022 “The DSN is a critical element of NASA’s solar system exploration program. It is the only asset available for communications with missions to the outer solar system, and is heavily subscribed by inner solar system missions as well.